We help our clients fix their immigration status WITHOUT LEAVING the United States!

Green Card

Our goal at the Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law Firm is to help our clients FIX IT WITHOUT LEAVING! from the country.

We do this through family-based petitions (like the I-130 and adjustment of status/residency), as well as through other types of immigration petitions (like the I-360 VAWA for people who have had problems in your marriage and/or with your children over the age of 21).

We make the process easy for our clients. We take care of everything. Our clients never have to fill out a form. We do everything for our clients. We submit your case in 2 weeks or less. We make sure you see quick results.

If you want to apply for your green card / legal residence and FIX WITHOUT LEAVING! Call us at (877) 773-7647

T Visa
If you have been exploited at your job, forced to work for less pay than promised, or if your working conditions were harsh, abusive, and mistreated because of your race or immigration status, the T Visa may be an option that is available to you.

The T Visa is also an option for people who have been in situations of domestic violence where they were forced to work at home and not allowed to leave the house, or where they were forced to work outside the home and give up all their money. A police report is not required, making it a great option for people who never reported for fear of what would happen to them.

There are other circumstances in which one can obtain a T Visa.

If you win a T-Visa, you get a work permit and a social security number. After that, we can help you apply for your green card or lawful permanent residence.

Our lead attorney, Alexandra Lozano, has written a book on T Visas to help educate other attorneys on the subject and is therefore very knowledgeable about T Visas.


If you want to see if you may qualify for a T visa, call us at (877) 773-7647

U Visa
If you have been the victim of a crime in the United States, the U Visa could be a possible way to obtain legal status in the United States. If you win a U visa, you will earn a work permit and a social security number. The best thing about the U-Visa is that your entire family can qualify at your request, including your spouse and children.

If you have been the victim of a crime, please call us, so we can determine if the U Visa will be the right option for you. (877) 773-7647

Options after deportation

If you have been deported in the past but wish to obtain legal status, our firm is dedicated to finding solutions for you. We have helped hundreds of people obtain legal status after being deported and try to find a legal strategy that suits your case to help you after deportation.

If you have been deported and want to find a way to stay in the United States legally, call us to see how we can help. (877) 773-7647


With more than 13 years of experience, Abogada Alexandra Lozano Immigration Law PLLC is your best option!

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